Bacterial Resistances


Salmonella and E.Coli are pervasive problems in cattle and come at a great cost to farmers and ranchers. Outbreaks threaten the health of the individual animal and the herd. Salmonella and E.Coli potentially impact the safe operation of harvest/processing facilities and the health of beef consumers. Researchers are finding that cattle “can develop salmonellosis and persistently harbor Salmonella, or they can asymptomatically shed Salmonella and/or E. coli O157:H7 resulting in contamination of the hide and carcass surfaces during processing” (Anderson, et al.). Salmonella, in particular, ‘hides’ in the lymph nodes of cattle and easily contaminates ground beef. These findings imply that cattle infected with Salmonella and E.Coli will continue to adversely impact pastures, the harvest/packaging process, and consumer safety/confidence in beef products.

Are all breeds of cattle at risk?

Researchers found that breeds of cattle have differing susceptibilities to Salmonellosis and E.Coli (U.S. patent number 9,049,848). A stunning finding is that, while many breeds of cattle can possess the basic genotype conferring the possibility of reduced Salmonella and E.Coli infection rates, the fully resistant genotype is almost exclusively observed in non-black cattle. In other words, black-hided animals apparently are more likely to become infected with Salmonella or E.Coli upon exposure, while some non-black-hided animals demonstrate significantly diminished risk of infection.

Red Polls U.S.A. only breeds cattle with exceptional Salmonella resistance!  

Red Polls U.S.A. has gathered Red Poll genetics from across the world in order to establish a Salmonella and E.Coli resistant, thrive-on-pasture-only breeding herd of Red Poll cattle and Red Poll Plus crosses.

Red Polls U.S.A. cattle are ideally suited to grass-only, grain-free management, even on endophyte fescue pastures. They calve and wean efficiently and productively over a long lifespan with minimal intervention, produce high quality milk and beef products, and are extremely gentle and easy to work. These combined qualities, and the fact that they stunningly beautiful, inspired Red Polls U.S.A. to focus exclusively on breeding Red Poll cattle for a food-safety conscious customer and marketplace*.

Red Polls U.S.A. is pleased to work with Partner Farms to raise superior beef for a new future!

Red Polls U.S.A. currently has bulls available with either the basic resistant or the fully resistant genotypes.  Red Polls U.S.A. will begin to offer breeding cows and heifers in 2021 to Partner Red Poll breeders (please see ‘Partner Farm application tab’ on the drop-down menu).

Red Polls U.S.A. will provide a letter of genotype certification for each animal sold as breeding stock to Partner Farms.

Red Polls U.S.A. is committed to Breeding for Excellence, the humane stewardship of its animals, and to changing the landscape of beef products offered to the consumer.

Please contact Andrea Young at or 301-580-9119 for more information.

*The above statements do not, in any way, constitute food safety claims. ‘Food’ is the end product used by the consumer and is subject to many iterations between harvest of the live animal and consumption. Red Polls U.S.A. does not make any food safety claims whatsoever.